XXIst International Workshop on Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling Systems (QAMTS2024)


We are pleased to announce that the 21st meeting of this unique workshop will be held at the Palacio Miramar, Donostia-San Sebastián (Basque Country, Spain), from Sunday, June 16 through Friday, June 21, 2024

Tunneling phenomena are of importance in a wide range of fields in the physical, chemical, biological and computational sciences. The series of Workshops on Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling Systems has always been highly cross-disciplinary. It encompasses work on tunneling of protons and heavier species in gas and condensed phases, in general, including biological systems, chemical reactions, transport phenomena in solids and liquids and in systems of lower dimensionality.

The scientific sessions of QAMTS2024 will start on Monday morning and will finish before lunch on Friday, 21st June 2024. Arrival for most participants will be on Sunday evening, 16th June, when a cocktail reception will be offered. The meeting will take place in the Palacio Miramar which is located over the famous La Concha Bay, in Donostia - San Sebastián.

The scientific program will include invited lectures as well as contributed talks and posters. We encourage contributions on all phenomena where atomic, molecular, or magnetic tunneling plays an important role, including not only processes in solids and matrices, but also organic and organometallic reactions in liquids, tunneling processes in clusters and nanoparticles, enzyme-catalyzed reactions, and some non-traditional emerging areas, this list being exemplary and non-exhaustive.

Contributions covering the following topics, among others, are expected:

• Proton tunneling in hydrogen bonds
• Tunneling and proton transfer in biomolecular systems
• Kinetic isotope effects
• Vibrational rotational tunneling dynamics in molecules and clusters
• Tunneling in quantum ferroelectrics and paraelectrics
• Atomic and molecular tunneling in wires, surfaces, glasses and amorphous systems
• Tunneling in porous materials
• Tunneling diffusion phenomena
• Spin-tunneling problems
• Tunneling transport in superprotonic conductors, acids and bases
• Effects of atomic tunneling on electron transport in nanosystems
• Advances in deep inelastic (Compton) neutron scattering
• Advances in NMR, Synchrotron Radiation, and other experimental techniques with applications to tunneling
• Multidimensional tunneling theories
• Quantum annealing (adiabatic quantum computing)
• Advances in computational methods and software updates
• Tunneling in the interstellar medium